Speak Your Way to Success

Lis Manson
I’m a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), as well as a Music and Drama teacher. Over the years I’ve coached business owners and entrepreneurs deliver powerful, professional presentations that have helped them become accomplished and successful. As a communications expert, speaker and author, I’m passionate about helping others conquer their anxiety of presenting to a roomful of people.

What I’ll cover in this event is:

✓ Overcome your fear of speaking in public by identifying the negative self-talk you may not realize is holding you back from standing confidently in front of an audience

✓ Uncover your unique strengths and authentic style to influence, persuade and connect with others

✓ Learning how to and then personally creating professional presentations which include a strong opening, an inspirational ending plus a call to action that audiences respond to, will be the ultimate reward for a job well done

✓ Learning ongoing skills, such as how to use your body, and the vocal instrument will be shown in strong and flexible ways to present themselves authentically

✓ Increase your confidence and gain visibility when you’re speaking to any audience and especially when you are under pressure

✓ To change the mindset, or the negative belief system around speaking in public to positive thinking to deliver more professional presentations

✓ You’ll learn all the skills you need to have the audience hang on your every word