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Winning With Words

Powerful, Professional Presentations

Giving great presentations gets you recognised and often leads to promotions, the growth of income and more opportunities to influence others for the better. Even the most inexperienced and nervous presenter can become a powerful speaker through preparation and practice. Winning With Words brings all the best presentation tools together with the speaking strategies of some of the world’s most powerful communicators. This book will help you, from the novice presenter to the seasoned speaker looking to “up your game” for more success.

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Get Exclusive Access to the most powerful videos on how you can improve yourself as a speaker in less than 40mins – it is pure training and NO PITCH.

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Become a Powerful

An Introductory Course On Becoming A Powerful, Professional, and Persuasive Public Speaker.

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Mastering The Art of

Mastering The Art of Presentations is the advanced level course for the Winning With Words program.

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We had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Lis Manson from Winning with Words, where she explained the main steps to becoming a better presenter. Through this invaluable presentation, Lis demonstrated that she walks it like she talks it. As an audience, one could see the different skills of a presenter in action, as Lis continuously engaged and captivated all people present.

Erick Nettel, Managing Partner & Creative Producer

Lis Manson gave a presentation to the Advisors at our office. Her presentation was 50 minutes in length, but I can attest that those in attendance received ten times fifty in value! The feedback I have received was very positive, and I can highly recommend her presentation to any individuals, groups or companies looking to improve performance and/or get clarity in their business.

Stephen Klugman, Insurance Advisor at RBC Insurance

Lis is a gifted story-teller. What you hear you will she always presents with confidence, clarity, wit and wisdom. I think you’ll find her laughter infectious too.

Lynn Gauthier