About Lis Manson

Born in Manchester, England, Lis Manson is a business woman, communication expert, Master NLP Practitioner and trained as Teacher of Music and Drama.  Lis has a proven track record for success. She has owned more than one renowned educational franchises in both Drama and Mathematics both of which she grew significantly in short periods of time and changing many lives in the process. Lis is recognized for her strong determination and passion to unlock the fear that holds students back from reaching their full potential and being successful.

Lis helps people communicate their ideas much more effectively so that they can create powerful, professional presentations and experience more success in their relationships, business and career, that will make a difference in the world.   Lis teaches that “all communication is a form of energy. Therefore, to communicate effectively is to emit high levels of energy and that is when you truly shine”. Let Lis help you unlock your true potential, communicate your ideas in a way that people listen, and help you achieve your goals.

  • Award Winning Author, Speaker and Communication Coach

  • Lis enjoys helping  students unlock what stops them from success, plus seeing their transformation. and being part of their journey to reach their goals.

  • Lis’ responsibility as a teacher is to help students succeed in their endeavours.

  • Lis will work with you 1-1 to help you unlock your true potential.


Lis is a person who can bring out the best in you. Whether it’s for your business or personal improvement she has a depth of experience a can draw on a large body of knowledge and skills to meet your needs. If public speaking or presenting is challenge for you or someone you, know Lis is the person you want to be referred to and will want to work with to advance.
Richard Birchall, Senior Systems Analyst at Maple Leaf Foods
Lis Manson gave a presentation to the Advisors at our office. Her presentation was 50 minutes in length, but I can attest that those in attendance received ten times fifty in value! The feedback I have received was very positive, and I can highly recommend her presentation to any individuals, groups or companies looking to improve performance and/or get clarity in their business.
Stephen Klugman, Insurance Advisor at RBC Insurance

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