Lis Manson is an  award winning author of the book, Winning With Words, Powerful, Professional Presentations.    In this easy to read book you will find tools and resources to help you become a better presenter and a powerful speaker.

Below is a list of helpful tools that have been designed specifically for you to use.

1. A set of 3 powerful short training videos
2. The 4 Step Winning Formula eBook

Also Winning With Words offers a FREE ONE-on-ONE Session to help clarify your way forward to Confident and Persuasive Communication.    Simply fill out the application form below to arrange a private call.

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Winning With Words

Powerful, Professional Presentations

Giving great presentations gets you recognised and often leads to promotions, the growth of income and more opportunities to influence others for the better. Even the most inexperienced and nervous presenter can become a powerful speaker through preparation and practice. Winning With Words brings all the best presentation tools together with the speaking strategies of some of the world’s most powerful communicators. This book will help you, from the novice presenter to the seasoned speaker looking to “up your game” for more success.

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Lis is a person who can bring out the best in you. Whether it’s for your business or personal improvement she has a depth of experience a can draw on a large body of knowledge and skills to meet your needs. If public speaking or presenting is challenge for you or someone you, know Lis is the person you want to be referred to and will want to work with to advance.

Richard Birchall, Senior Systems Analyst at Maple Leaf Foods
Lis Manson gave a presentation to the Advisors at our office. Her presentation was 50 minutes in length, but I can attest that those in attendance received ten times fifty in value! The feedback I have received was very positive, and I can highly recommend her presentation to any individuals, groups or companies looking to improve performance and/or get clarity in their business.
Stephen Klugman, Insurance Advisor at RBC Insurance

Anyone attending a workshop or program by Lis Manson will surely develop new skills and excellent tools to connect and engage with any audience. Whether you are a seasoned CEO or someone new facing an audience for the first time, Winning with Words will surely help you to succeed, solidify or develop self confidence and effectively communicate your message.

Erick Nettel, Managing Partner & Creative Producer

The content is interesting, engaging, thought provoking, and fulfillingly simple. The included visual examples as well as the presentation itself, effectively illustrate the learning points. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to improve their public speaking skills, to enhance everyday communication skills – and ultimately Win With Words.

Paulette Jervais, RBC